Certified Nursing Assistant Programs in Hawaii – 2023 Programs and Classes

Aloha! Are you considering a rewarding and fulfilling career in the healthcare industry? Look no further than becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in the beautiful state of Hawaii. With its stunning landscapes, diverse culture, and growing demand for healthcare professionals, Hawaii offers an exceptional environment to begin your journey in the nursing field. This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about certified nursing assistant programs in Hawaii, from training requirements to salary expectations. So let’s dive in!

Short Summary

  • Become a CNA in Hawaii by completing 100 hours of training at an approved program, with financial aid options available.
  • Choose from top-rated programs located in Honolulu, Kaneohe and Pearl City to gain necessary skills for success.
  • Employment opportunities abound with the potential for increased prospects through NNAAP. Average salary is $36,611/year or $18.58/hourly wage.

Hawaii CNA Training Requirements

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Hawaii, one must complete 100 hours of training at an accredited CNA program. This includes 70 hours of classroom and lab modules, and 30 hours of clinical work. By completing these requirements, you will gain essential knowledge and experience to provide quality care to patients and residents in various healthcare settings. It’s important to ensure that you choose an approved CNA program that meets Hawaii state requirements.

The cost of CNA classes in Hawaii typically ranges from $1,100 to $1,500. While this might seem like a substantial investment, the potential for growth in the healthcare field makes it well worth your while. Plus, there are several financial aid options available to help offset the cost of your CNA training, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

CNA Program Costs and Financial Aid Options

If the cost of CNA classes seems overwhelming, don’t worry! There are several financial aid options available to help aspiring CNAs in Hawaii. Grants and scholarships can provide assistance to cover tuition costs and other expenses related to your CNA training. Additionally, some programs offer payment plans or reduced tuition for eligible students, making it easier to fund your education.

Another option worth exploring is paid nursing assistant instructional programs, which are available at various locations throughout the Hawaiian Islands. These programs allow students to earn a salary while completing their CNA training, making it a more feasible option for those who need financial support during their educational journey.

Top CNA Programs in Hawaii

Numerous institutions across Hawaii offer top-quality CNA programs designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the healthcare field. In this guide, we will focus on three major locations: Honolulu, Kaneohe, and Pearl City.

Each of these cities boasts reputable institutions offering CNA classes, ensuring that you receive the best education possible to meet Hawaii state requirements and prepare for your future career as a CNA.

Honolulu CNA Programs

In the bustling city of Honolulu, there are several institutions offering CNA classes, including Windward Community College, Leeward Community College, and Kapiolani Community College. Each of these schools provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers crucial topics such as basic nursing care, safety measures, and the role of the nurse aide. To enroll in these programs, applicants must meet certain requirements, such as being at least 18 years old, holding a high school diploma or equivalent, and providing evidence of passing a TB test.

Some of the fees associated with CNA classes at these Honolulu institutions include textbooks, CPR, application fee, and a badge. Scholarships and grants may be available to help offset these costs, and many institutions offer flexible tuition payment options. Moreover, refresher courses are available for those who wish to update their skills or prepare for the state exam.

Kaneohe CNA Programs

Kaneohe, located on the beautiful island of Oahu, is home to several CNA programs. Windward Community College offers a state-approved non-credit Certified Nurse Aide program that includes classroom instruction, lab practice, and clinical experience. This comprehensive program will provide you with the necessary skills to excel in the healthcare field as a CNA.

Other institutions in Kaneohe offering CNA programs include Healthcare School of Hawaii, Chaminade University, and the state-approved non-credit Certified Nurse Aide program. By choosing one of these programs, you’ll be well-equipped to meet the growing demand for CNAs in Hawaii and provide exceptional care to patients in various healthcare settings.

Pearl City CNA Programs

In Pearl City, Leeward Community College provides a CNA program that prepares students for a successful career in the healthcare industry. Additionally, other institutions in Pearl City offering CNA programs include Healthcare School of Hawaii and Pacific Nurse’s Aide Training Center, LLC. By completing a CNA program in Pearl City, you’ll be well-positioned to pursue further educational opportunities, such as an Associate Degree in Nursing as a Registered Nurse, upon completion of your CNA training.

Regardless of the institution you choose, completing a CNA program in Pearl City will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the ever-growing healthcare field. With a strong foundation in basic nursing care, you’ll be prepared to make a positive impact on the lives of patients and residents in various healthcare settings.

Online CNA Courses in Hawaii

For those seeking a more flexible learning experience, online CNA courses are available in Hawaii. Institutions such as Wallace State Community College and Elizabethtown Community and Technical College offer online Certified Nursing Assistant programs for those interested in pursuing this career path. Additionally, Windward Community College offers an online CNA program in Hawaii.

Online CNA courses provide the same quality education as in-person programs while allowing students to complete coursework at their own pace and on their own schedule. This flexibility can be especially beneficial for individuals with work or family commitments, making it an attractive option for those looking to pursue a career as a CNA in Hawaii.

Hawaii CNA Certification Exam

After completing your CNA training, the next step is to take the CNA certification exam in Hawaii. This exam consists of a written and clinical portion, covering topics such as the role of the Nurse Aide, Promoting Safety, Basic Nursing Care provided by the Nurse Aide, Specialized Care for Residents, and other nurse training concepts.

The CNA certification exam in Hawaii is administered by Prometric, and applicants can take the exam at a regional test site managed by Pearson Vue or at the facility where their CNA training was completed. The cost of the Hawaii CNA exam is $200 for written and clinical, and $210 for oral and clinical.

To help you prepare for the exam, you can access a free CNA practice test from the CNA Free Training website.

Transferring Out-of-State CNA Licenses to Hawaii

If you’re a CNA with an out-of-state license looking to practice in Hawaii, you’ll need to apply for reciprocity with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA). The reciprocity process allows CNAs licensed in other states to transfer their credentials to Hawaii, provided they meet the state’s requirements and have no negative marks on their record.

It’s essential to reach out to the DCCA to initiate the reciprocity process and ensure that you provide all necessary documentation. By successfully transferring your out-of-state CNA license to Hawaii, you’ll be able to continue your rewarding career in the healthcare field in the beautiful Aloha State.

Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry

The Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry is a state-run registry that maintains records of all certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in the state. Overseen by the Department of Commerce and Consumers Affairs in partnership with the state’s Nurse Aide Registry, this registry ensures that CNAs in Hawaii meet the state’s requirements and provide quality care to patients and residents.

To verify the status of a CNA on the Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry, you can use the provided link. If you need to contact the Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry, you can do so by phone at (808) 739-8122.

Keeping your information up-to-date on the registry is crucial for maintaining your CNA credentials in Hawaii.

CNA Renewal Process in Hawaii

Once you become a CNA in Hawaii, it’s important to stay current with your credentials. The CNA license in Hawaii is valid for a period of 24 months, and a reminder is sent to the licensee approximately 90 days prior to the expiration date. To renew your CNA license, you must complete and submit the Hawaii Nurse Aide Examination Application form to Prometric.

The fee for CNA renewal in Hawaii is $50. By staying up-to-date with your CNA renewal, you’ll ensure that you remain in good standing and can continue to provide valuable care to patients and residents in the healthcare field.

Employment Opportunities for CNAs in Hawaii

The job outlook for nursing assistants in Hawaii is promising, with a projected increase of 5% from 2021 to 2031. There are currently more than 125 CNA job postings on Indeed.com, demonstrating the high demand for CNAs in the state. Employment opportunities for CNAs in Hawaii are available in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and home healthcare agencies.

To further enhance your employment prospects, consider taking the state examination for Certified Nursing Assistants in Hawaii, the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP). By passing the NNAAP and maintaining your credentials, you’ll be well-positioned to secure a rewarding job as a CNA in Hawaii’s thriving healthcare industry.

Average CNA Salary in Hawaii

As a CNA in Hawaii, you can expect to earn a competitive salary. The average CNA salary in Hawaii is $36,611 per year, with a range typically between $33,368 and $40,424. This salary range takes into account factors such as experience, education, and location. The average hourly wage for a CNA in Hawaii is $18.58.

With a growing demand for healthcare professionals and the potential for growth in the field, pursuing a CNA career in Hawaii can be a financially rewarding choice. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of providing valuable care to patients and residents in need, making a positive impact on their lives.


Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Hawaii offers numerous benefits, including competitive salaries, a variety of employment opportunities, and the chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients and residents. By completing a state-approved CNA program, passing the certification exam, and maintaining your credentials, you’ll be well-equipped to excel in the healthcare field and enjoy a fulfilling career in the beautiful Aloha State. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your journey as a CNA in Hawaii today, and embrace the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of those you care for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a CNA program in Hawaii?

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) programs in Hawaii typically last 6-8 weeks and include a combination of classroom instruction, lab work, and clinical experience. This provides students with the skills necessary to provide basic nursing care to elderly, ill, or disabled patients.

How much are CNA paid in Hawaii?

As a CNA in Hawaii, you can expect to earn an average salary of $37,050 per year.

With experience, salaries can reach up to $44,850 per year.

How do I become a CNA in Honolulu?

If you’re looking to become a CNA in Honolulu, you should start by finding an approved CNA program that offers at least 100 hours of education. Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll need to take and pass the Hawaii Nurse Aide Competency Exam through Prometric to receive your certification.