How to Become a Medical Assistant in Nebraska

Working as a medical assistant involves helping doctors and patients through a combination of clinical and administrative work. Responsibilities typically include recording a patient’s history, measuring vital signs, assisting with examinations, administering medicine, scheduling appointments and preparing blood samples. Some medical assistants specialize in a particular area of medicine, while others are generalists working in a range of medical fields.[Leer en español]

Requirements for Working as a Medical Assistant in Nebraska

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Medical assistants in Nebraska do not need to have any specific certifications or level of education to work. Instead, individual employers create their own criteria to select the most qualified applicants. To gain a competitive advantage, many medical assistants choose to take certification tests, which can help them secure a higher-paying job.

Becoming a Certified Medical Assistant

To become a certified medical assistant, the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) requires applicants to pass one of five exams accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The most popular of these are the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) and Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exams. Applicants must successfully complete a training program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), though equivalent medical experience may be sufficient.

Nebraska Schools for Medical Assistants

The state of Nebraska does not require medical assistants to be registered or certified, but it does recognize these accreditations as markers of skill. Successfully completing a CAAHEP or ABHES training program can in turn lead to passing the required accreditation exam. Most training programs provide hands-on training and require regular, in-person attendance. Here are two programs available in Nebraska:

  • Nebraska Methodist College. Students in this program have access to state-of-the-art lab facilities during their coursework. They must complete a school-organized externship at a real healthcare facility within the state before graduating.
  • Vatterott College. Vatterott’s one-year program offers components that can be taken online in addition to its in-person training. Students must take part in an internship before graduation.

Career Outlook and Salary Expectations

The medical assistant profession in Nebraska is on a positive trajectory, with competitive wages and a projected growth rate that outpaces many other occupations. As of 2022, medical assistants in Nebraska earn an average annual salary of $37,740, slightly below the national average but still offering a competitive wage for the profession.

National vs. Nebraska Salaries for Medical Assistants

Location Average Salary Low (10%) High (90%)
United States $38,270 $30,390 $51,710
Nebraska $37,740 $30,750 $48,460

National vs. Nebraska Salaries for Medical Assistants

Region Low (10%) Median High (90%)
Grand Island, NE $30,330 $37,050 $46,750
Lincoln, NE $30,120 $37,300 $47,770
Omaha-Council Bluffs, NE-IA $30,860 $38,760 $49,060

Medical Assistant Trends in Nebraska

In 2020, Nebraska employed 2,780 medical assistants. This number is projected to grow to 3,320 by 2030, marking a 19% increase in employment within this period. This growth rate is higher than the national average growth rate for medical assistants, which is projected at 14% from 2022 to 2032. Annually, Nebraska is expected to have 410 job openings for medical assistants from 2020 to 2030, which includes openings due to growth and replacements for vacated positions. This data underscores the strong demand for medical assistants in Nebraska, reflecting broader trends in healthcare employment across the state and the nation.

Employment Trends

Employment Trends for Medical Assistants in Nebraska
Indicator 2020 2030 Projected Growth Annual Openings
Employment 2,780 3,320 19% 410

Sources of data:

  1. Nebraska Data: The employment figures and projections for Nebraska are sourced from Projections Central, specifically their 2020-2030 long-term projections. Projections Central specializes in state-level employment projections, providing detailed insights into various occupations.
  2. United States Data: The national employment statistics and projections are obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), particularly their 2022-2032 employment projections.

Working as a Medical Assistant in Nebraska

Medical assistants can find work in physicians’ offices, hospitals, outpatient care centers and other medical facilities. Most medical assistants work full time and are sometimes required to work on weekends, evenings and holidays, depending on their facility’s needs. Jobs are typically most plentiful in larger cities with several hospitals.

Working as a medical assistant can be an excellent option for people who are interested in health, science and people. Those who are good communicators, attentive to detail and able to think analytically will find the career particularly rewarding. It can give people without advanced degrees the opportunity to enter the medical field and start an exciting career as soon as they are ready to work.

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How much do medical assistants earn in the state of Nebraska?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistants in the state of Nebraska made an average of $36,990 per year in 2021. Entry-level medical assistants earned around $28,820 and some experienced professionals earned salaries as high as $47,510.

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