How to Become a Medical Assistant in Wyoming

Medical assistants are an essential part of the health care system. They do clinical tasks, such as taking vital signs and helping with examinations, and have administrative responsibilities that include keeping medical records, taking patient histories and scheduling appointments. Some medical assistants may have a specialty, especially if they work in a hospital or specialized clinic. For detail-oriented, caring individuals, medical assisting can be an interesting and engaging career.[Leer en español]
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Requirements for Becoming a Medical Assistant in Wyoming

For medical assistants in Wyoming, no training or certification beyond high school or a GED is required, but employers may prefer to hire applicants with a diploma or associate’s degree in medical assisting. They may also prefer to hire applicants with state certification. This can be obtained through sitting for one of five professional exams after the completion of an accredited training program.

Medical Assistant and Educational Programs in Wyoming

Because no certification is required by the state, it may be difficult to find colleges or universities offering in-person programs. However, there are programs available online. Options include:
  • Purdue University Global. This online certificate program costs $21,147.00 at this time and takes four terms to complete. Students have the opportunity for a 160-hour externship at a physician’s office or clinic local to them. Unless taken at Purdue’s Des Moines, Iowa, campus, this program is not accredited.
  • Herzing University Online. Herzing offers both a 10-month diploma program and a 16-month associate’s degree in medical assisting. The tuition for the associate’s degree is currently $28,120.00, while the diploma program is $21,090.00 at this time. Students in these programs are able to take the Registered Medical Assistant and Certified Clinical Medical Assistant exams after graduation.

Certification and Licensing for Medical Assistants in Wyoming

Wyoming does not require a license or any certification to be a medical assistant in the state, but those who choose to do so can become members of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) or Association of Medical Technologists (AMT). The exams and related requirements needed for these memberships are listed on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Career Outlook and Salary Expectations

The 2017 median wage for medical assistants was $15.67 an hour—more than double the $7.25 national minimum wage that is used in Wyoming. In the same year, 50 percent of salaried medical assistants earned over $32,600.00. The projected growth for the medical assisting industry is currently 27.2 percent. This means there will be a fairly steady increase in job openings for both administrative and clinical medical assistants, as well as openings in medical specialties. These may include areas such as podiatry, pediatrics and cardiology.

Working as a Medical Assistant in Wyoming

Some of the best places in Wyoming to find positions include the state capital of Cheyenne and larger cities such as Rock Springs and Laramie. However, you will find that opportunities are available in both urban and rural areas throughout the state. These opportunities can be invaluable for those who want to be part of the medical community—they not only offer employment in a reliable field but also provide opportunity for growth, as certified medical assistants can move into various specialties or upgrade their training. Health care will always be in demand, so medical assisting can be a career to depend on.

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Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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How much do medical assistants earn in the state of Wyoming?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistants in the state of Wyoming made an average of $34,190 per year in 2019. Entry-level medical assistants earned around $25,450 and some experienced professionals earned salaries as high as $45,170.

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